Please check our frequently asked questions before contacting us. As in 95% of the cases, the answer is already here.

  What is included in the box?

- 28 x Whitening strips (14 pouches) - 1 x Instruction Manual - 1 x Shade guide

  How often should I use the teeth whitening strips?

- Basically, we recommend using them once per day. After 14 days, you will achieve maximum results.

  How does it work?

- Our dry strips have been developed to gently whiten teeth, whilst maintaining no damage to the enamel.

  How do I use the Teeth Whitening Kit?

1. Before starting, brush your teeth gently with toothpaste
2. Tear open the foil packet
3. Remove strips with dry hands and peel away from the backing film
4. The longer strip goes on the top part of your mouth, where more teeth are visible when you smile, while the shorter piece goes on the bottom layer of teeth
5. leave the strips for 1 hour
6. Remove strips and brush your teeth

  Are your teeth whitening strips harmful to teeth or can they damage the enamel?

- No, our product is formulated to be safe and effective when used as directed. All our safety data indicate that our teeth whitening strips are safe on tooth enamel.

  What are the ingredients?

- Aqua, Glycerin, Cellulose Gum, EDTA, Sodium Chloride, Citric Acid, DL-Menthol.

  Can I use the strips if I have a retainer?

- We recommend consulting with your Dentist prior to using DrDent regarding any concerns you may have. A full a list of our ingredients is listed above.

  Should I use spotlight whitening if I'm pregnant or breastfeeding?

- We would not recommend using any type of whitening treatments while breastfeeding or pregnant. When we are whitening teeth we are using active ingredients to break down those discolorations on the tooth surface and we generally avoid these agents when pregnant/breastfeeding. Instead of whitening your teeth while pregnant, I would recommend popping into your local hygienist to get those pearly whites of yours super clean. During pregnancies, your hormone levels can skyrocket which can often play havoc on your gum health, so even if you cannot get them whitened keeping them super clean will help no end!

  Can I use the kit with braces?

- We recommend waiting until your braces are removed before starting out with our Teeth Whitening Strips.

  What age do I need to be to use the kit?

- Our Teeth Whitening Kit is recommended for ages 14 years and up. If you are under the age of 18 we recommend getting parental consent before purchasing any DrDent products online.

  Do the strips whiten my caps or veneers?

- Unfortunately, our strips whiten natural teeth.

  Where is the best place to store my strips?

- The ideal place to store your whitening strips is in a cool dry place.

  Can I sleep with the strips on my teeth?

- No! We recommend sticking to the 60 minutes per day.

  Why do I have white spots after whitening?

- This can occasionally occur for a number of reasons, such as the moisture in teeth enamel being at different levels on the teeth or due to enamel hypoplasia. The important thing to remember is that this is temporary. When people suffer from this, a solution is often to use teeth whitening.

  What are the main reasons why my teeth are yellow?

- When the enamel on your teeth begins to thin, it can make your teeth become yellow, while a build-up of plague is a significant factor, so we recommend regularly visiting your dentist and hygienist. However, beyond this reason, your diet can also have a huge effect on your oral appearance. Cigarettes, curries, coffee, tea, and wine are all massive contributors to discoloration of the teeth.

  How long does the delivery take?

- Delivery within the UK can take 1-2 working days.
Europe & US can take 5-7 days.
- All other countries 7-10 days.

  Are the strips fully tested?

- Our whitening strips fully tested. We wouldn’t be able to sell you it if it wasn’t. It has been tested and approved by EU & US cosmetic laws. So you are in safe hands.

  How your subscription service is working?

- Our subscription works by automatically billing you each month and automatically sending you out a 2 week supply. This is so you will never run out of your Dr.Dent Teeth Whitening Strips. You can cancel anytime! Simply email support@drdent.co and our subscription specialist will be more than happy to assist you with this.

  Do you have any promotions?

- YES – Get a natural bamboo toothbrush for FREE by sharing your before & after results with the hashtag #drdentresults on Instagram.